The only logbook designed specifically for military pilots.

Serving All Branches


Don’t waste time creating spreadsheets!  Easily upload your entire military flight history with the click of a button, or log individual flights for storage in perpetuity


Automatically convert military time to civilian time. Tailor your records for FAA applications, and

Save Time

Value your time? MilKEEP is the only digital logbook that will log flights for you, so you can stay focused on the mission

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From Flight Suit to First Officer:

MilKEEP’s system quickly parses your military flight records and converts them for you, simplifying the airline application process.

MilKEEP offers added piece of mind with our two-step verification process. First, your data is parsed using the latest data-capture technology. Next, your information is verified by MilKEEP staff to ensure the utmost fidelity of your records!

Use the MilKEEP app to upload sorties, track metrics towards goals, and display your travels.

Our database allows you to store all of your military time digitally, a benefit that the military can’t offer, giving you added piece of mind.

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