Privacy Policy

MilKEEP, LLC (“we” or “us”) values our users’ privacy. This Privacy Policy encapsulates the information we may collect from a registered user or other visitor (“you” or “the user”) to (the “Site”), and ways that it will and will not be used. 

Be aware that this Privacy Policy only applies to the use and collection of information by MilKEEP itself and not to companies or individuals that MilKEEP does not control, employ or manage. Be sure to review the Privacy Policy of any websites we mention or to which we link. 

MilKEEP is not responsible for logbook data. By using any and all MilKEEP products or services, you agree not to hold us responsible for data breaches, errors, or other issues. MilKEEP does its utmost to ensure the integrity and accuracy of its products and services; however, it is the user’s responsibility to verify flight hours and all related information. MilKEEP will not be held responsible should the user represent his or her data erroneously when completing type rating, certification or job applications. 

1. Your Personal Information

It is always at the users’ discretion to disclose Personally Identifiable Information.  Should you opt not to do so, MilKEEP reserves the right not to provide you with our services and products or allow you to become a registered user. Information that can be used to identify you as an individual is considered “Personally Identifiable Information”.  This includes:  your MilKEEP user ID and password, Social Security Number, credit card data, user-preferences, your name, email address, billing and shipping address, phone number, your computer’s IP address and domain name and data from your login session allowing our system to communicate with yours while you’re logged in.  MilKEEP does not store Social Security Numbers in any form.  It is the user’s responsibility to properly redact Social Security Numbers from records prior to uploading them to  Social Security Numbers may be present on forms uploaded to our site if the user does not properly redact information.  By using any and all MilKEEP products and/or services, the user provides expressed consent for disclosure of all information contained in your flight records. 

2. How We Protect your Personal Information

We take precautions to safeguard personal information. We always strive to utilize practices and security measures which protect your personal information, password, username, stored data and transaction information against data infringement and misuse such as loss, theft, unauthorized alteration, disclosure, destruction or access. 

Protection of confidential information is of the utmost importance to us. Purchases made on the MilKEEP application utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption wherever personal information is gathered. As always, an SSL-enabled browser must be used to purchase any of our products or services. 

3. Data Breaches

If, despite all of our efforts to the contrary, a breach of secure data occurs, we will notify users of any violation of Personally Identifiable Information.

4. Sharing Personal Information

MilKEEP does not employ users’ Personally Identifiable Information for financial gain. This includes not providing others with Personally Identifiable Information for sale, trade or rent. By using MilKEEP’s products or services you agree to allow us to on occasion, disseminate Personally Identifiable Information as well as generic non-Personally Identifiable Information with employees, mail carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies, affiliates, advertisers, business partners, contractors and third party service providers for the purpose of business operations and site administration on our behalf. In addition to a response to subpoena, government request or court order, MilKEEP only shares this information with those parties who have agreed not to disclose it and require it for the purposes of processing it or providing services on MilKEEP’s behalf.

MilKEEP will send regular emails to solicit feedback and inform you of new features and services. As a registered user of MilKEEP who has supplied an email address you acknowledge being notified of such emails and retain the right to “unsubscribe” from them at any time. 

As always, you are responsible for any and all personal information you share with regards to your use of MilKEEP’s products or services via forums, chat rooms, and social media sites. 

In short, MilKEEP does not share any Personally Identifiable Information except in the following instances:

MilKEEP users can request to delete or change their Personally Identifiable Information at any time. Likewise, users have the right to inquire as to what data we have collected with respect to the individual user or which parties have access to it. 

We reserve the right to publish your support inquiries and our responses should we feel it beneficial to the MilKEEP community. 

5. Other Generic Information

MilKEEP may retain the domain name and computers IP address or other such information which cannot be used to reasonably identify the user. This information may be used in a cumulative nature or individually for site and account administration, research and/or development, or marketing purposes. MilKEEP does not showcase this information to the public.

6. Cookies

We store personal data on your computer using “cookies.” For tracking purposes, we may link personal data from our servers with information stored on your computer via cookies. The user may not have access to all of the features of our site if your web browser is configured to disallow cookies. This Privacy Policy does not govern the use of cookies by advertisers and only applies to MilKEEP’s application of cookies. 

7. External Data Storage

MilKEEP may contract with third-party vendors for hosting; we may store user data on their servers as necessary.

8. User Privacy Responsibilities

To protect user privacy always log off the MilKEEP site when your session is complete, never share user ID or password information and always take reasonable steps to safeguard against Trojan horse, viruses, bots and other types of “malware”.

9. To European Union users

MilKEEP operates principally from the United States. By providing us any information you are consenting to allow that information to transfer out of the European Union (EU) and into the United States where it will be stored and used as described in this Privacy Policy.

10. Children

All users of MilKEEP’s site, products and services must be at least 13. MilKEEP does not knowingly solicit or collect data from or market to children under 13. (See the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.)

11. Maintenance and System Logs

For the purpose of site maintenance and operations, user personal data may be further used. Likewise, system logs may be retained by MilKEEP or its contractors. These system logs may contain personal data such as IP addresses. 

12. Changes to the Policy

MilKEEP reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time as is deemed necessary due to changing business practices or to remain in compliance with the law. 

You are encouraged to review this Privacy Policy page regularly for updates. Should there be any updates to this policy we will notify our users via the email address they’ve provided. 

13. Questions or Comments?

Please send any and all questions regarding this Privacy Policy via email to or contact us via any of the ways described in the About Us page at MilKEEP.COM.

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