How does MilKEEP work?

Depending on your branch of service, MilKEEP uses a patent pending system to transcribe your military flight records into a civilian equivalent logbook using various methods including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), human verification as well as a proprietary conversion algorithm. MilKEEP has a greater than 99% accuracy rate in correctly capturing scanned data! We also have fail-safes in place to check errors during the parsing process. To be sure, MilKEEP recommends you check your logbook for accuracy. 

What is the standard turn-around time for MilKEEP services?

As long as your records are prepared accoring to our Record Prep page, we guarantee to have your records processed and in your profile within 48 hours.

Can I upload my records if they are marked "Privacy Act" or "For Official Use Only"?

Yes. AFI 11-421 and SECNAV M-5210.1 govern the Aviation Resource Management Program and the Department of the Navy Records Management Program respectively. Both are derived from DOD Instructions and state that flight records to contain Privacy Act and “For Official Use Only” statements only because they contain “personal data”, namely your Social Security Number. In the Record Prep section, we show you how to redact any Social Security Information from your records prior to uploading information to our site.

If any portion of your SSN is not redacted, you are still permitted to disclose your records at your discretion. Federal regulations require members to give expressed written consent for the release of their records to “outside activities.” You do this by agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Additionally, our patent pending system does not search for your SSN when data is parsed to create your logbook via our encrypted, secure website. 

How many times can I upload my Flight History Report once I’ve paid the Flight History Report upload fee?

We’ve attempted to make the upload process as simple and painless as possible. Our system is programmed to accept one Flight History Report upload. If you have any issues uploading your documentation please notify us and we’ll be happy to assist you. Additionally, you’ll receive unlimited manual entries for 30 days in order to fix any errors or omissions you may find upon review of your logbook. 

I am missing some individual line entries from my records, but I have a military summary report that shows accurate flight totals. What can I do?

We will process all of the individual sortie entries that you do have, and then we will help you create "baseline" entries with applicable remarks to account for your missing time so that your MilKEEP totals exactly match your military summary reports.

Can I log civilian flight time?

Yes! Simply add aircraft to your personal civilian aircraft library on your Settings page, and you can add civilian flight time using the "Add Civilian Sortie" feature. You can also bulk upload your digital civilian records using the "Civilian Logbook Import" service.

My records are now in my profile. Why are some entries highlighted in yellow?

We built in this feature to let users know if any sorties provide identical data, thereby highlighting a possible duplicate entry. If you review the sorties and it is truly a duplicate that your SARM or SHARP did not catch, just delete one of the entries and the yellow highlighting will disappear. If possible, duplicates are identified by the system, there will be a “Delete Multiple Entries” button at the top of your military logbook to delete all possible duplicates at once if you desire. 

Why does my Civilian Format page show entries for all of my military aircraft?

MilKEEP creates civilian equivalent line entries for each respective military entry so you can have an accurate representation of all the military aircraft you've flown in a civilian format for your FAA and airline applications. This way you are presenting your totals in an "apples-to-apples" overview so that FAA examiners and airline hiring teams can easily interpret your military flight times. 

How is my time converted to civilian PIC and SIC time?

Great question! This depends on multiple factors for each individual sortie including: Duty Position/Symbol, aircraft type, if you were the “Pilot in CMD”, and the type/condition of military time logged. 

Our How it Works has detailed charts for each service affiliation showing how we convert military time into civilian time. Simply follow the flow chart from left to right for your specific circumstance to see how MilKEEP converts your time.

Why doesn’t PIC time show on my Military Format page?

Civilian "PIC" time is not specifically defined by any branch of service.  It is based on airline and CFR definitions and displayed on your Civilian Format page.  Your Mlitary Format page only displays component times defined by your specific branch of service, and that your Civilian Format page displays compenent times defined by the CFR.

Can I cancel my monthly membership at any time?

Yes, monthly subscription fees will be charged to your credit card on the same day every month. Should you choose to cancel your subscription, simply click the “Cancel My Subscription” button at the bottom of the Purchase a Service page.

Is MilKEEP compatible with Logten Pro or other electronic logbooks?

Yes, our system allows you to download your logbook and save in a .CSV format which is the universally accepted format for importing files to most other commercially available electronic logbooks. MilKEEP is also able to import your civilian logbooks from other services through our Civilian Logbook Import service so all of your military and civilian flights can live in one place!

Will MilKEEP track my Navigator time?

Our system will collect data from your records for your military logbook. However, just like the FAA and commercial airlines, our algorithm will only convert pilot hours logged towards civilian logbook totals.

Will MilKEEP track my RPA time?

Our system will collect data from your records for your military logbook. However, just like the FAA and commercial airlines, our algorithm will only convert manned aircraft hours logged in a manned aircraft towards civilian logbook totals.

Does MilKEEP track my simulator time?

MilKEEP does collect and log simulator data for your military logbook. However, the system will not log civilian specific time (PIC, SIC, etc.) for Simulator entries, and simulator time is not included in civilian aircraft totals.

How does MilKEEP log Cross Country time?

MilKEEP has settings for users to input their cross country time manually, or have MilKEEP automatically calculate cross country time based on a sortie's total flight time. For automatic calculations, 14 CFR 61.1(b) defines cross-country time for a military pilot in part (vii) to mean is more than 50 nm straight-line distance (25 nm for rotorcraft category) from the original point of departure with no requirement for a landing. If a sortie entry has a “Total” time greater than 1.0, the “Total” time for that sortie is dual logged as “Cross Country” time. This is a conservative estimate assuming an aircraft flying 240 knots under 10,000 feet (approximately 4 nm/min) would cover nearly five times the minimum required distance in one hour. 

How do I log solo time?

(Air Force) You can input solo time from UPT on the Settings page. Our algorithm automatically detects single seat aircraft and will grant you applicable solo time. We do not however, automatically log solo time for the F-15E or F-16D. You can input solo time for these or other aircraft manually once you download your Civilian Logbook into an Excel format.

(Navy) You can input solo time for individual sorties when you make manual entries, or by editing any individual sortie once uploaded.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes! You can download our mobile app via Google Play or the iTunes Store. You will need to subscribe to our service and create a user account via our website prior to logging into the app. We do not recommend using the app to upload your entire flight history but rather to log individual sorties and quickly reference your totals.

How do I make suggestions for improvements to your products and services?

We welcome your feedback. Email us anytime at TEAM@MilKEEP.COM.

Air Force Specific Questions

Will my MilKEEP profile match my totals exactly as seen on my HARM Flying History Report (FHR)?

Nearly 99% of the records we process contain possible duplicates not identified by the HARM.  Possible duplicates are defined as line entries that have a corresponding identical line entry in which all 19 columns of data match exactly, but the HARM has not “lined-out” or identified the entry as a duplicate.  Our system identifies these possible duplicates for you, and you have the ability to confirm these entries as valid, or delete them as necessary to ensure you have the most accurate records possible. 

Based on historical evidence, your MilKEEP profile will most likely not match your HARM Summary Report exactly due to these possible duplicates, though it will be close once they are taken into consideration. 

The Settings page has a choice for “Traditional” and a “Make It All Add Up” (MIAU) Conversion Methods.  Which one is best?

This depends, but if you are looking for the most commonly accepted practice for airline applications, we recommend using the MIAU conversion Method.

The “MIAU” conversion method will make calculations to ensure your component totals (PIC, SIC, Instructor, Dual/Student, Other) will add up to your Total flight time for each sortie.  This is very similar to the way 781 time is structured and is the commonly accepted practice for airlines and app review companies.

The “Traditional” conversion method allows for "dual-logging" of different component times simultaneously. As a result, your civilian component totals (PIC, SIC, Instructor, Dual/Student, Other) will not add up to your Civilian "Total" flight time for each sortie. Please be aware that in Traditional mode, certain calculations may not conform to reporting standards for AirlineApps.com.

What if some of my sorties are “Yes” in the “Pilot in CMD” column, and some of my sorties are left as “Unknown”?

For the sorties that you select “Yes” in the “Pilot in CMD” column, MilKEEP will use 100% of the time in that sortie as PIC (OTHER time is determined by user preference in the Settings page). Whatever sorties remain “Unknown” in the “Pilot in CMD” column, MilKEEP will apply the percentage formula based on your selection in the Settings page in order to calculate PIC time for each individual sortie.

How does the percentage formula within the Settings page calculate PIC time?

Your Flight History Report does not identify if you were the “Pilot In Command” for individual sorties. Therefore, we give you the ability to choose the percentage of time counted as PIC for each sortie. When you initially upload your Flight History Report, all individual sorties will default to “Unknown” in the “Pilot in CMD” column. You can click on the “edit” button next to any sortie to change your selection. If you select “Yes”, 100% of your time will be counted as PIC (OTHER time is determined by user preference in the Settings page). If you select “No”, the formula will use 0% of the time as PIC. If “Unknown” is selected, the formula will use a percentage of the total time you choose in the Settings page. You can change the percentage at any time.

I don’t know if I was truly the Aircraft Commander for sorties on my flying history report. What percentage of my total time should I use as PIC?

There are differing thoughts on how much time you should count as PIC time in this case. Most agree between 80% and 90% of total time after aircraft commander certification is a reasonable estimate; we leave this to your discretion. Always make sure you can justify the percentage you have chosen.

Why don’t my converted civilian times equal my “Total” time?

Great question! The short answer is that the CFR’s governing flight time do not provide a standard method to convert military to civilian time, and even standards to log civilian time can be ambiguous. According to the CFR, there are many instances where times could be logged in multiple categories (PIC, SIC, IP or EP). Additionally, there is no section detailing how to log civilian Instructor or Evaluator time. 

We’ve written an entire article on the topic which you can view here.

Army Specific Questions

How does MilKEEP log Cross Country time?

According to 14 CFR 61.1(b)(3)(vi), cross-country time is more than 50 nm straight-line distance from the original point of departure with no requirement for a landing. If a sortie entry has a “Total” time greater than 1.0, the “Total” time for that sortie is dual logged as “Cross Country” time. This is a conservative estimate assuming an aircraft flying 240 knots under 10,000 feet (approximately 4 nm/min) would cover nearly five times the minimum required distance in one hour. Rotorcraft averaging 150 knots would cover nearly three times the minimum required distance in one hour.

How does MilKEEP log sorties based on my CAFRS Flight Data Export?

MilKEEP scans your Flight Data export for line entries with identical Dates, Takeoff/ Landing Locations, and Takeoff/Landing Times. The system combines these entries into a single sortie and logs the corresponding flight conditions from each line entry. If you choose to edit the sortie count for any individual line entry in your logbook, you may do so by clicking on the “Edit” button to the right of each logbook entry.